What can we class as ‘Success’?

I recently read a blog post called ‘How to be successful’ and it really made me think about success as a whole. Are we only successful if people praise our work? Are we only successful when we have earned all the money we could ever wish for? Or can success simply be classed as getting out of bed in the morning?

Setting yourself goals on a daily basis to help you get tasks done isn’t a silly thing to do, in fact I found in doing this I was able to achieve much more in my day. Whilst I was living alone at University I found this a very important task to ensure I had any assignments done, as well as cleaning or housework (I know; yawn) and ensured I had time to chill out and catch up on the latest shows I was watching.

In some cases I was proud of myself for getting out of bed and getting dressed, a minor task but on down days even this can become difficult. Those days when you’re missing home and haven’t seen or spoken to your loved ones for a while. Those days where you just want a big hug (and trust me they came often!) I really felt like getting up, having breakfast and walking to the shop meant I’d had a successful day.

Maybe some of you will read this and think; ‘what is she talking about?’ and maybe that’s because you class being successful as being a boss of a multi-million pound company, or achieving a first in your degree. Yes those things are what being successful is, but the little steps, the steps that make the person, the steps that take you to those points, each and every milestone is a success and if that means that you’re proud of yourself for getting up before 12pm or even going to bed before 12am then well done you!

Just remember that every single step is an achievement (especially on the hard days!) and there’s always someone that will be proud of you for succeeding daily!

Keep being you! x


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